Tixpire Website Privacy Policy
Last modified: 6/1/2020

At Tixpire (“Company”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”, etc.), we strive to be clear about what we’re doing with your data, whether that’s how we store it, where we get it from, what we need it for, and more. Privacy is about freedom of identity, and that’s why we want you(“You”, “Your”, etc.) to feel like you are making a clear decision if you consent to our privacy policy. 

This privacy policy applies to our data collection practices when you visit or interact with https://www.tixpire.com (“Website”), including through interactions facilitated through other services, such as Instagram, Facebook,LinkedIn, YouTube. It covers Tixpire and any of its employees’ handling of your data collected under the terms of this policy. 

If we get data from or about you from different source, then it is not governed by this privacy policy unless we explicitly state otherwise. One example of a different source would be if you walked into our office and left your business card — we’d have information about you, but it wouldn’t be covered by this privacy policy. Another example would be if you had given your business card to your neighbor, and your neighbor gave us your business card because they thought it would be helpful —that also wouldn’t be covered by this privacy policy. This policy also doesn't apply to any links to other websites. Links to other websites are governed by the privacy policies of those specific websites. For the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation (known as the “GDPR”), Tixpire, located at 4706 Shoalwood Ave, Austin, TX 78756, is a “Data Controller.” This means that we direct the flow of collected personal information, as opposed to being a “Data Processor,”which is a person or company that does things with and to the information.  

What You Can Do to Let UsKnow You Accept This Privacy Policy
We do our best to remind you that you are opting-in to specific types of data gathering and use when you are interacting with our site. This includes when we collect identifiable information,non-identifiable information, sensitive information, cookie and usage information.

Technology isn't perfect though, so those reminders might not always be there.That's why we ask you to please remember as you use the site, that when you provide any information to us, that information will be stored and used by us as described in this policy. Some information that we gather isn't as obvious though, like, for example, when we collect information using cookies. That's why it's important to remember that using our website means that you are opting-in to our use of cookies and other automatic tracking technologies. To learn more about what we collect, how we collect it, and why, keep reading!

Information We Collect AboutYou
We use this section to explain our data collection practices to you. We only collect information from you that allowsus to make the site run smoothly and provide you with our services.

Personally IdentifiableInformation
Personally identifiable information isinformation that can identify you as a person — simple, right? Well personallyidentifiable information can also be a combination of information that revealswho you are.  For example, if I know your birthday is onJuly 4, 1976, I can’t necessarily figure out who you are. However, if I knowyour birthday, where you went to college, whether you’re married or not, andmaybe your zip code, then I probably know enough to figure out who you are if Ireally wanted to. So personally identifiable information can be eithersomething very specific about you, like your full name, or it can be a combinationof general details that let me narrow down the possibilities until I figure outthat it can only be you.

‍WhatWe purposefully seek the following personallyidentifiable information from you in a variety of circumstances: full name,home address, email address, date of birth, and phone number . 

‍WhenWe may seek personally identifiableinformation from you in a variety of ways, including: registration, contactforms, emailing or calling customer service, from our processors. 

‍WhyWe may use personally identifiable informationin the following ways: underwriting and collections.

We may use your information for marketing purposes. However, we allow our usersto opt out of marketing if that is their preference. 

We store any personally identifiableinformation that we’ve collected for as long as the account is maintained. 

Non-Identifiable PersonalInformation
Non-identifiable personal information isinformation that’s technically about you, but cannot be linked directly to youwithout being combined with personal information. For example, if I know thatyou use Google Chrome when you visit my site, I will never be able to figureout who you are without combining it with personally identifiable information —even if I know what search terms you typed in, what kind of computer you areusing, and how long you use the site for every time you visit, I will not beable to figure out that the user is you without personally identifiableinformation.

‍WhatWe purposefully seek the followingnon-identifiable personal information from you in a variety of circumstances:browser type, operating system, session length, page views, length of pageviews, referral links, search terms, general location data, general demographicdata, purchase information, mobile network information, browser settings, crashreports, and IP address.

WhenWe may request non-identifiable personalinformation from you in a variety of ways, including: automatically through thesession and from other third parties. 

‍WhyWe may use non-identifiable personalinformation in the following ways: advertising metrics, targeting and usage. We don’t store any non-identifiable personalinformation that we’ve collected, but our 3rd party tools store itindefinitely.

Sensitive Information
Sensitive information is the type ofinformation that you might not necessarily want people to know, or at least,you would want to control who knows the information and how they come acrossit. An example of sensitive information could be your credit score or yoursocial security number. As you can imagine, sensitive information should onlybe requested by a company if they really need the information to provide youwith services.  

We collect some sensitive information from youfor various reasons and at various times, including credit card or bank accountnumbers, credit information, and driver's license, passport, or other state IDnumbers. When we collect sensitive information, it's so we can use it forunderwriting and collections. We store sensitive information for seven yearsafter account maturity.

About Automated Collection
Automated technologies help us make ourwebsite run more smoothly. Through the use of automated means, we are able tosee which of our pages are most popular, how users find our website, whatcauses errors in the website, and a lot of other details which help us make thewebsite the best it can be. 

We may use a number of automationtechnologies, including cookies, flash cookies, web beacons, or others as theybecome available or necessary.

Cookies are small text files that a websitesends to your computer to try to make your experience online a smoother one.Cookies often contain very little data, such as a User ID or the last time youlogged in to a particular site. When your computer connects to the website, thewebsite might read the cookie to figure out whether you’re a returningcustomer, whether you’ve seen the most recent privacy policy update, or whetheryou need to be automatically logged out. As you can probably tell from thoseexamples, cookies serve a variety of necessary functions. However, if you’dprefer, you can disable cookies. You can visit www.allaboutcookies.org for information about deleting and blocking cookies on your browser.

Our automated technologies are supported by the use of other technologies,including Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Skydive, and HubSpot. 

Please note that disabling and deletingcookies might make this website (and others) work improperly.

Flash Cookies
Flash cookies are functionally similar toregular cookies, but they are not subject to the same controls as regularcookies are. While you can follow the directions in the “Cookies” section toblock most cookies, flash cookies require a different type of opt out. To learnhow you can manage your Flash cookie settings, visit the Flash player settingspage on Adobe's website.

Web Beacons
Web Beacons are tiny files that load when auser completes an action like visiting a particular webpage, or opening anemail. Because the tiny file is loaded from a server, and the server can seethat your computer is trying to open the page or email, the server can deducethat you have visited the page or viewed the email.

“Do Not Track”
“Do Not Track” signals are a brand-new featurethat some web browsers allow their users to send. The idea behind the “Do NotTrack” signals is that all of the websites of various companies will come to anagreement about standardizing a way to not track people who visit theirwebsites. That way, people who turn on “Do Not Track” will always know whatparts of their privacy are protected without having to read every single privacypolicy.  

There is not yet an industry consensus on howto handle “Do Not Track” signals, so our website is not yet set up to handlethem. In the future, this section will discuss how the “Do Not Track” signalsare honored.

Who Else Sees Your Data
Most websites who collect user data haverelationships with other companies or people that result in user data beingshared with those companies or people. This section explains how thoserelationships work, and what our relationships with others look like when itcomes to your data.

When we share your data with third parties, we restrict them from using thatdata other than to help us perform our services or obligations through thiswebsite.

Processors Who Help Us Run
Our SiteMost businesses need others’ help to runproperly (imagine using eBay without PayPal!). When a business hires anotherbusiness or uses another business’s services, that other business is sometimescalled a third-party processor, or a subprocessor. 

We try to keep this section up to date withwho our subprocessors are, and what kinds of information they collect. As of the date that these terms were lastupdated, our subprocessors include Authorize.net, PayPal, Pabbly, ID.Me, andTwilio.

Our subprocessors have access to a variety of information, insofar as theiraccess to the data is necessary to help us provide services to you. Oursubprocessors have access to your full name, home address, email address,browser type, operating system, session length, page views, length of pageviews, referral links, search terms, general location data, general demographicdata, purchase information, mobile network information, browser settings, andcrash reports.

‍Third Parties We ShareInformation With
Businesses often have complicatedrelationships with other businesses. Some companies are owned by othercompanies, they work with companies that are owned by the same company, theyengage in partnerships, and find any variety of ways to work together to bringservices and products to the public. We ask your permission before sharinginformation other than anonymized or aggregate data or some other specificcases mentioned in this policy with third parties.

We may currently share information with some third parties. Before we get intothat, you should know that if we ever sell the company, part of the company, orany of the assets of the company, our users' data would probably be shared withthe purchasing company or person. Be aware that sharing of your data might haveto happen in that kind of circumstance.

Specifically, we may share your information with PayPal. We may always sharedata, if our legal counsel believes it is required of us, in order to complywith any court order, law, or legal process, including to respond to anygovernment or regulatory request. We may also share data to protect ours orother people's rights, or in connection with a sale, merger, etc. of thecompany, or sharing that is necessary for us to run our site or services.

Third Parties Who ShareInformation With Us
Some companies get information from thirdparties for a variety of reasons. One example might be if a website is tryingto create a more personalized web browsing experience for their users. If awebsite knows the kind of content you like, and they’re able to share thatinformation with another website, then that other website can also make sure toonly show you content that you like. However, there can be any number ofreasons why a website needs information from third parties, like for creditchecks, allowing users to login through social media, or other reasons.

We don't collect any information about our users from third parties, other thanas mentioned in this policy.Children Under the Age ofMajorityOur Website is not intended for anyone underthe age of majority in their respective jurisdiction, and in no case is ourwebsite to be used by anyone under the age of 18 years of age. No one under theage of majority may provide any information to or on the Website. We do notknowingly collect personal information from those under the age of majority. Ifyou are under the age of majority, do not use or provide any information onthis Website  or through any of itsfeatures, register on the Website, make any purchases through the Website, useany of the interactive or public comment features of this Website, or provideany information about yourself to us, including your name, address, telephonenumber, email address, or any screen name or user name you may use. If we learnwe have collected or received personal information from a person under the ageof majority, we will delete that information. If you believe we might have anyinformation from or about a person under the age of majority, please contact usat contact@tixpire.com.

Our company makes efforts to provide securityto our user data. It’s impossible to guarantee that data security will be 100%effective, that’s why you hear about hacks or viruses all the time now. Smallcompanies, large companies, and even governments are sometimes the victims ofcyber attacks. We take steps to protect your data through encrypting data intransit, encrypting data at rest, and will add more security measures as wescale in future iterations.

When we delete your information at your request, or due to our recordkeepingpractices we remove all user data from our database at Tixpire and allfinancial data stored with Authorize.net is deleted in tandem.

Your Choices and Rights
This section describes your choices and rightsregarding how we handle your data. In order to protect user data from theft ormisuse, we may need to request specific information from you to help us confirmyour identity and ensure your right to access your personal data (or toexercise any of your other rights).  You won’t have to pay anything to exerciseyour rights, the only exceptions being if your request is clearly unfounded,repetitive, or excessive. In those situations, we might also refuse to complywith your request. We try to respond to all legitimate requestsunder these rights within one month. Occasionally it could take us longer thana month if your request is particularly complex or you have made a number ofrequests. In this case, we will notify you and keep you updated as to when weexpect to have the request completed.

Even though these rights are guaranteed for EU
users and residents, we are proud to grant the following options to all of our users. The General Data Protection Regulation is a law passed in the European Union that grants EU internet users a variety ofrights regarding their data. Those rights include  
●    The right torequest access to their data;
●    The right torequest correction of their data;
●    The right torequest erasure of their data;
●    The right toobject to the processing of their data;
●    The right torequest their data in a machine-readable format;
●    The right tobe free of decisions affecting their rights based solely on automatedprocesses; and
●    The right towithdraw their consent to undue data processing.

‍Legal Bases for ProcessingThe GDPR also requires that companies listtheir “Legal Basis” for each type of processing.
Depending on thecircumstances, our legal bases include:  
●    User consent;
●    Necessity forthe performance of our obligations to the user; and
●    Necessity forthe purposes of our justified legitimate interests. For more information on how legal bases work,please visit https://gdpr-info.eu/art-6-gdpr/.

‍California RightsThe rights listed in this section are specificto California residents. California's "Shine the Light" lawallows California users of our website to request certain information regardingour disclosure of personal information to third parties for their directmarketing purposes. We attempt to be transparent about where your data isgoing. If you would like to request more information or clarification aboutwhether your data is only going to third parties as described in this privacypolicy, please contact us using your preferred method in the “Contact Us” sectionat the end of this policy. California users are also allowed to opt outof any sales of their personal information that may occur. Users who opt outmay opt back in at any time. California users may request that we deletetheir personal information, but those requests have some exceptions. Oneexample of an exception would be if you paid for one of our products orservices, and then requested that your data be deleted before we could deliverthe product or service you paid for.

Processing of Data Outsideof the EU
‍The internetis a complex, interwoven, global structure, so your data may move across theplanet. Be aware that this includes areas outside of the European EconomicArea.

When we share your data with third parties, we restrict them from using thatdata other than to help us perform our services or obligations through thiswebsite. By continuing to use this website, you are telling us that you consentto these transfers, even if the countries your data travels to don’t have thesame level of privacy protection as your home country.

Changes to This PrivacyPolicy
If we ever make changes to this policy, wewill notify you by email. The date that the most recent updates wentinto effect is listed at the beginning of this policy.Contact InfoIf you ever have any questions, concerns, orcomments about this policy or about exercising the options made available toyou in this privacy policy, please contact us through your preferred method aslisted below.