The Return of Concerts, Festivals, and Live Events in 2021

2020’s been a hell of a year, but we’re welcoming 2021 with wide open arms in preparation for live events to be back in full swing by the start of summer. When exactly will concerts and festivals come back in person? Experts and executives in the live events industry project concerts and events to be back in full swing by summer. Companies like Live Nation are preparing to comply with all mandates and guidelines set to keep us all safe and many festivals, concerts, and comedy events have been scheduled for Spring 2021 and later. See some of those events here.

Whether you’ve been missing pool parties in LA, concerts in Dallas, festivals in Miami, or simply the ability to safely hop on the plane and go to a club in Las Vegas your prayers will be answered soon enough. Vaccines from Moderna and BioNTech/Pfizer, as well as over a dozen large pharmaceutical companies, have already made the 1stsupply available and are planning to distribute hundreds of millions to a few billion vaccines all over the world throughout 2021 and beyond.

Excitingly, the return of concerts and festivals will come with other live events we all love and miss including standup comedy, conferences, expos, and of course in-person sports. Many of the events from 2020 have a solid date set for 2021 and according to President of Live Nation Joe Bechtold, over 20 million fans have held tickets for cancelled or postponed events from 2020 and expect to attend in 2021.

Events have even been happening in moderation in states like Texas where restrictions are more relaxed. Strict protocols are maintained at these events like on site COVID-19 tests outside the venue prior the event, strict social distancing and mask rules, and capacity limitations of 25-50%. These events have allowed people to see their favorite performers and have also given artists a way to continue honing their craft.

The only downside of these events is that tickets are much more expensive than normal. Due to the overhead of hiring nurses and extra staff to maintain these protocols tickets don’t come cheap. Although we think any opportunity to see our favorite artists live is worth the effort and money, especially with the chance to purchase tix on interest-free installments with Tixpire.

We’re extremely excited for what 2021 brings for artists and venues. The industry is struggling to stay afloat amid a $10billion+ loss in the 2020 and we’re all for live events happening again as soon as possible. If you have questions you can always drop us a line at or explore our events below!


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