The Best Way to Pay for Music Festival Tickets

Missing Out on Events

    If you’ve ever experienced the heart break of missing a festival or live event due to high ticket prices or a sold-out show, then this article is your guide to never miss out again. Unfortunately, you’re one of the many event-goers that have had to miss out on unforgettable experiences due to a variety of reasons from ticket scalpers raising prices, a lack of credit, or simply not being a able to buy tix right before they’ve sold out. Our Go Now, Pay Later approach was created to help you access events at the last minute, but more importantly to help offer anyone and everyone the opportunity to experience life’s greatest events in a more financially healthy way. We really hate when people miss out on these experiences, so we’ve compiled a list of ways to get those tix and still make great financial decisions.

Expensive Music and Sports Tickets

Now before you decide to splurge on expensive tix, ask yourself these 2 questions about the event:

1. Ask yourself, “Why do I really want to attend this event?”

              Maybe you’ve been dying to see the artists on the lineup. You love the music and you have the time. This is a great reason!

              Maybe you just don’t want to let your friends down. If this is the case, consider other things you can do with them that won’t cost you stress and a significant amount of cash.

              Maybe it’s a mix of both which is great. Once you’ve decided why you want to go, and that you are in fact going, you can use some of the following tips to secure your entry.

2. Ask yourself, “How prepared am I to make a plan that allows me to go to the show all while making financially healthy decisions and staying focused on my goals?”

              If you’re super excited to go to the show but still want to save your wallet and maintain focus on any scholastic, professional, or family related goals then read on and crush all your goals!

              If you’re not really into the self-discipline idea and you're just really interested in going to the show, then still read on! Maybe you’ll find some actionable advice and change your mind a little bit. Just beware of self-destruction and bad debt if you’re not careful with your money.

    The following points are some deep dives on good things to do to get those tix, and bad things to avoid when trying to go to the events you’re dying to attend.

Things to do:

1. DO buy as soon as you can and use Tixpire

      o Don’t try to wait until prices drop because you may end up missing out entirely. Some shows sell out fast and many times scalpers jack up prices for 100% of tickets.

      o Tixpire allows you to secure a ticket to the show with no worries about availability. You don’t have to worry about prices being jacked up or tix being sold out.

      o Tixpire has no interest and we’re spontaneous (like you😉). Tixpire also offers rewards for every purchase and instant approval. Best of all, there’s no effect on your credit score. You can request tix for concerts, music festivals, sporting events, and even some special experiences like skydiving. Just click here, fill out your request, and enjoy the show!

2. DO Create a budget and plan – Use the download in this article as a free guide.

      o Sit down for 15-20 minutes and look at your current spending if you don’t on a regular basis.

      o You can use apps like mint, excel, or even a piece of paper.

      o Look at every expense you have and categorize all of them to see where you spend the most money and where you might be able to cut expenses. Look at how much money you need to make to purchase the tickets and add any additional money you’ll need to spend on transportation and concessions at the event. The download in this article is simple but helps track all of these pieces.

      o Start a festival savings account where you can put the money you save for your tix. Make sure it’s somewhere hard to access so you aren’t tempting yourself to spend it!

3. DO Cut costs that are unnecessary

      o Essentials include food, water, rent and utilities, hygiene products, gas, and any major bills like insurance or debt payments.

      o You may need coffee, but you can make it at home for far less than Starbucks – sorry Starbucks!

      o Eat home cooked meals when you can.

              If you don’t know how to cook here’s a master class on how 😉

      o Take the money you’d spend at bars and re-invest them into your festival tix fund for a couple weekends per month.

      o No shopping on amazon or the mall for anything outside absolute necessity.

              If you need a new rave outfit include it in your initial budget and keep a picture of it on your phone or wall for motivation. Buy it after the ticket is purchased!

      o Cut the subscriptions you don’t need.

              This is a hard one although, a good rule of thumb is to have one music app and one app for movies and shows. If you need more than that see if you can share with family or roommates and split the cost of multiple apps. Or just watch free videos of past years of your event for extra motivation and hype!

4. DO Set a spending limit and split it into categories

      o Check your bank account every night to make sure you know how much money you’ve spent that day and how much you have remaining. Don’t be hard on yourself, just check in and be honest with yourself.

      o A good way to limit spending is to set a spending alert on your card or get a prepaid credit or debit card that you load before you spend

      o This point is especially important at the event itself - pre-load a small amount into your ride share app for transportation if you’ll be using ride shares and use the same preloaded card technique

              Try to get the most bang for your buck on food and drink

              • Also look at duration of the event, be safe, but ask yourself if you need the turkey leg and funnel cake or if more water and a power bar will do. Again, it depends on what’s available, why you’re there, and what you can bring – always be safe!

5. DO Try to make more money at your current job

      o Work more hours where you can.

      o Ask for a raise if you can prove you’re of value to your company or organization.

6. DO Look at a side hustle that can create passive income, or allow you to make more active income if it aligns with your goals

      o Use your strengths – you only need a few hundred dollars more per month at most.

              Try to find things that benefit your goals or missions.

              Tutor, train, write, find a night attendant type job where you can study and do your job simultaneously, find a job that is in your future career field, or even work for the event you want to go to.

    Aside from helping you get the tix for your event, these measures will teach you how to take better care of your finances, attend more events, and make more money overall.

    Now for the “Don’ts…” The options below are probably running through your head because they seem easy, but really, they’ll compound your struggles later. If you ever want to attend another event, go on another vacation, or just avoid constant financial stress and anxiety then read on. This is especially important to take care of your credit score (you may decide you need it later).

      o Why do you need a credit score? Stay tuned for another article on this!

Things NOT to Do:

1. DON’T open a credit card for leisure or luxury spending if you’re short on cash

      o Credit is a tool that can increase your ability to make money if used correctly. Credit can also be forgiving and ruin your ability to make money when abused.

      o Credit cards are revolving credit. This means that when you spend the $750 for your ticket, you can pay down a portion of that purchase and then immediately use more until you’ve reached your credit limit. Interest is compounding and can be up to the national maximum at 29%! This means for every $100 you spend you could pay up to $29 in interest forever!

              Here’s an example - let’s say you spend $1k on the ticket, transportation, and concessions. You have a $1100 limit, so now you have no wiggle room to buy anything else, you’ve essentially hit your limit and now you must start paying it off. You pay $100, now you can spend $200 so you buy groceries. Now you’re at your limit again and the cycle continues. So, for every month you don’t pay that off you’re also paying interest on the $1100 you haven’t paid back to the credit card company.

              In addition to never being able to break up with your card, it’s difficult to be approved for credit cards the first time. It’s even harder if you’ve ruined your credit score.

              Revolving credit and high utilization are bad for your credit score

              Another option may be to get a preloaded credit card to use for the time at the festival. Go re-read the things to do above, limit your spending this way, and build your credit.

2. DON’T pull out a personal loan either

      o There’s a better chance you’ll pay this off because it’s a fixed amount, but these can be hard to pay down and typically have a fixed interest rate you can’t change.

      o It’s just as difficult to be approved for a loan as it is for a card and it has the same negative effect on your credit score.

3. DON’T Sell things you need

      o Maybe sell what you don’t or what doesn’t bring you happiness or productivity.

4. DON’T Buy things you don’t need

      o Cut those non-essential costs!

5. DON’T take part in medical trials or donate blood just for money

      o These are amazing things to do, but you never know what may come of a clinical trial and if you’re doing it for the wrong reasons you may mess yourself up for a long time. Blood is also a noble and necessary thing to donate, but it’s better in your body unless you’re doing it for the good of humanity. Do this for good reasons, not just for money.

      o You may be able to donate blood or do a necessary clinical trial AND get paid if it won’t affect your schedule or goals.

6. DON’T Work more hours by sacrificing other important things like sleep, health, studies, family, or happiness

7. DON’T starve yourself or avoid buying essentials for a few days or weeks to make the ticket price up

8. DON’T put off buying the tix hoping for a better price

     o You’ll end up saving a chunk of money just to see that tix are 200% more expensive or that they aren’t even available anymore.

9. DON’T Run yourself down or sacrifice mental, emotional, or physical health trying to do everything at once

      o DON’T sleep less.

      o DON’T study less and forget classes so you can go to this festival.

      o DON’T be depressed because you haven’t slept in a week and failed the midterm right before the show – from personal experience it’s a huge bummer and ruins your time before, after, and potentially even during the show.

10. DON’T splurge on things you don’t need at the show

      o You don’t need three shirts and sunglasses at the show.

      o You also don’t need 6 Red Bulls, a vodka slush, two funnel cakes, and 4 turkey legs.

    Although all the things above might seem to be the quick and easy way to do things, they really can be detrimental to every aspect of your life. The point of these shows is to have a great time and increase the awesomeness of the experiences we have in life. Don’t sacrifice your health, your relationships, or your personal or professional goals for a concert, festival, or sporting event. There must always be balance for true happiness so crush your goals, use Tixpire, and go experience the best event of your life!

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