How to Spread Cost of Staycations, Events and Online Courses

How to Spread Cost of Staycations, Events and Online Courses; Go Now, Pay Later

How long is your to-do bucket list? You can start reducing it. Do you always find yourself missing out on opportunities and experiences because of cost or payment deadlines? Well, you’re in luck! You can actually go for vacations or events now and pay later in instalments. By using the pay later services such as those offered by Tixpire, won’t have to miss out on anything anymore.

Naturally, you'd want to buy a ticket or join a tour, but you don't have the money at hand. It's incredible that now you don't need to worry. This time you’ll get the ticket in time before they’re sold out.

Currently, several sectors are allowing you to enjoy services and products, including furniture on a pay later basis. Why not enjoy the same privilege when It comes to staycations and events?

Maybe you’re one of these people…

You’ve been planning to take some online courses and better your skills. Unfortunately, consolidating the entire cost at once is a challenge.

You’d like to go for a staycation but can’t find a package that suits you in terms of affordability.

You'd like to be at the VIP section of events but don't want to pay the whole amount upfront.

You want to have that experience of a lifetime but you just never get the money in time, be it local or international extreme sports events like snowboarding.

If you’re one of these people, it’s time you start using Tixpire Go Now, Pay Later service.

Benefits of the Pay Later Service Offered by Tixpire

You don’t need to have ready money to go to that your desired staycation. Tixpire takes care of it, you pay later. You need a break now, you get that break right away.

You get to Pay Later for events, courses, experiences, and travel of up to $1200. What's more, the payment is spread into monthly instalments for four months. This makes it less burdening.

Also, the instalments are interest-free, and Tixpire uses Plaid to ensure instant approval. Tixpire charges one flat fee and doesn't have hidden fees or high interest.

What You Can Pay Later for

  • Staycations, at a destination of your choice.
  • Online courses, which can be quite costly to pay for at once. You can now spread the cost and start learning immediately.
  • Local experiences
  • Events such as fitness events, concerts, festivals, sports, and even digital events
  • Travel and Tours
  • Extreme sports events like snowboarding or skydiving.

How Tixpire Works

From the website you can choose the event you'd like to attend or the online course, you'd like to get access to. The process is as simple as Choosing Your Event, Choosing Tixpire at Checkout, you’ll then Receive Your Tix - Go Now and Pay Later.

If your event isn't on the list, you can place a request for it. You'll be required to fill in your details as well as the information on the event, for example, event name and ticket details. It's a straightforward and easy process to follow. You get your Tix-Go Now and pay later.



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